This may come as a surprise to some, especially jon In the coming elections, when I vote, I'll be voting for whoever runs against Bush. I really, really don't like what happened with Iraq, though as yet I haven't seen any repurcussions. My main issue is that the main reasoning for invading Iraq was because they're a threat, and the WoMD weren't destroyed and all that. Then we go in... and still didn't find anything worthwhile. To keep it from being a political fiasco, we're told that the war was successful in achieving our primary goal - liberating the Iraqi people from a tyrant ruler. Now I suppose that's a noble goal, if the people actually want to be liberated, but more importantly if that's the reason we did it. It just seems to me that once Bush found out that there was no evidence at all of weapons, he covered his ass by saying we went in to liberate the Iraqis. So I supported everything at the beginning, and now I'm just upset at how it all resulted. Has anyone's opinion changed on the Bush administration?