i plan on joining the marines or army within the year, but that makes no difference in what i would think...well, not yet anyway. i know when i join, that anything can happen, and i have to realize that i could very well pay with my life. like perg said, it's a sacrafice you have to make. and hey, "If you're not sure what to think... side with fleshy, she's the hottest person who reads the forums" ((note: i used regular quotes b/c i lack the knowledge of how to do it the fancy way =P)) if you put me in a summer dress...i bet i could look hot too! i mean, i think we all know flesh is hot, but in trying to stay in line w/ the topic, unless you can prove i can't be as sexy, you shouldn't say i'm not =P ::scratches self:: so err uhh, how bout that bears game?//
Unbodied unsouled unheard unseen
Let the gift be grown in the time to call our own
Truth is natural like a wind that blows
Follow the direction no matter where it goes
Let the truth blow like a hurricane through me