seems to me like it ruins the whole free speech thing. but if you look at it logically. if a foreign power were to try to sew the seeds of dissention, oen of their targets would be the military. therefore, if anyone in the military and talk down about the decisions made by a higher officer. whether he's a legit serviceman or a spy, it can cause problems with rank. a general is only as powerful as the ppl that follow him. if nobody does, he has no power. therefore, to assure that he retains his respect and power, they have to assure that there aren't any ppl trying to throw him over. so yeah, it does sound like an infringement of human rights, but it does have a logical reason.//
Unbodied unsouled unheard unseen
Let the gift be grown in the time to call our own
Truth is natural like a wind that blows
Follow the direction no matter where it goes
Let the truth blow like a hurricane through me