The horrible thing is that's what you read. Nobody gives a fuck about all the times somebody comes to the American military for help, and servicemen willingly aide them. Nobody gives a fuck about all the times when something happens in a community and the servicemen voluntarily go out and help. Nobody gives a fuck when they're ordered to do it, and once the day's over and they can go home, they continue to help. We read about the single incident where some punk ass doctors turned away kids in need. I think it's awful, I think the doctors should be ashamed and reprimanded. I think the American media should be ashamed and reprimanded for only reporting this. It's no wonder the rest of the world things the US is full of assholes, and it's no wonder America thinks our military is horribly corrupt. Nobody gives a fuck when anybody does some good. There are so many servicemembers that do more good in a day than the majority of Americans will do in their entire lives.