Damn right I'm angry. Not at you, you're too cool (*cough* and hot *cough*). I'm angry at all the bullshit journalists that think the only thing worth reading is the bad stuff, and all the dumbass people that think the only stuff that happens is what they read. And the dumbass people that don't demand that journalists report more than just the bad stuff. But we have a fascination with the abomination that we can't escape, so that stupid shit sells. I know more horrible things than that happen. Every few months a guy here will go out in town and rape a local chick. Fights happen almost every night. My dad's been called in to work every night at 4am for the past week because some stupid Marines got drunk and got in bar fights. But you know what? There are millions of people in the armed services that do their jobs, and do them impeccably. There are a few thousand people who fuck things up. Nobody knows about the millions of amazing Americans who represent our country flawlessly, who make this a great country to live in. Everybody knows about the relatively few people who screw up and give themselves, the military, and the United States a bad name. And you know why I think that is? Because the majority of Americans realize that they don't do shit in their lives, that they're pathetic and meaningless, and look at people who have values worth dying for and realize they can never compare to those individuals, can't ever come close. This isn't just with the military, this is with everything. People are looking for examples of fuck ups in quality organizations. If you can look at somebody who represents high ideals, who should be holding himself to something greater than himself, and who falls, then you can begin to feel as though your life is worth slightly more than the dogshit you pick up every day. This isn't directed towards anyone here, but to the gutless slobs that make sweeping generalizations about any group of people in order to give themselves some worth.