In order to get elected, a potential presidental candidate has to make a vast amount of money on a weekly basis in order to get the amount of political exposure (not Clinton style) required to get elected.

The only way for a candidate, be they Republican (Go Arnie!!!) or Democrat to accrue such vast (and I mean vaaasst) funds is to utilize corporate sponsorship, as a direct result of such a system, Political leaders directly reflect the opinions of their sponsors. These sponsers are invariably Health Insurance Companies, Oil Companies and large scale industries.

Therefore, no matter who is elected, the overall system will never change, people will always be royally porked over things like health insurance and oil will always be the driving force behind political occupations. UK gets socialist health care, they don't have to pay for operations or anything... If you get shot, they look for the exit wound not the certificate of insurance.

The truth is, that prior to 1991 Saddam was considered an ally of the US and UK, infact both sides sold weapons to the Iraqi's and provided military training to assist in the campaign (which yeah they did kind of use chemical weapons... whoops why didn't we go in then???) against Iran (who we like now apparently).

The invasion of Kuwait was premeditated and ran under a flag of so called retrieval of territory by Saddam, he even applied to the UN for authorisation...

Naturally as Kuwait has/had a massive percentage of the worlds oil supplies, the rest of the world could not allow one man to corner such a market share as it would grant him almost limitless political power. How long would America last without oil??? Imagine if your petrol went up 400% in price... (Then I would authorise gamma strikes but that's just me)

This war and the first war were portrayed as a liberation, when they were both merely an exercise in maintaining the geo-political status quo, no matter whether it was a flag of righteousness of a banner of war, the motive remains cold and political.

George Bush when all is said and done is a smiling veneer to the corporations he represents... The guy was alleged to be a regular cocaine user, I mean not that I don't approve of his funding South American economies, but just doesn't seem like the moral paradigms of a truly righteous and honourable man.

There are positives to the war however, Saddam Hussain's removal as leader was welcomed by the people of Iraq, I mean... they had to make him a cake on his birthday (no shit, everyone did... how fucked up is that) but that's totally not the point... oh yeah, However, an occupying army will not be welcomed for long, and the people of iraq are already tired of it's presence, American and British troops are being killed by the dozen right now. - People concern themselves with the repercussions to the countries' leaders however, we should be more concerned with the plight of our people out there under threat.

Noone will likely read this post because it is long and boring... but yeah.

okay I need a lie down now.