" (was going to write 'cannot get behind a man who...' yeah that didn't work for me)" - lol

i'd have to say, the majority of ppl over there giving their lives, believe this is a just war. let's assume for a minute here that the ONLY reason for this war is oil, and for profit. in my eyes, the ending of saddam's dictatorship, the freeing of the iraqi ppl, and another step towards ending large (country funded) terrorist groups is more than just. now i know the terrorist part of this is a bit hazy. bringing down saddam could possibly make things worse. but its like getting a hook stuck in your flesh. you have to push it through to get it out. i dunno, that's just what i think. and as far as corruption in politics. yeah...what else is new, lol. but at least if you look at this in the long run. the ends will justify the means. assuming all goes to plan.//
Unbodied unsouled unheard unseen
Let the gift be grown in the time to call our own
Truth is natural like a wind that blows
Follow the direction no matter where it goes
Let the truth blow like a hurricane through me