Just reposting here what I posted on the @undergroundnews Twitter feed:
TrendMicro support is nil... How can they have such a popular product with such crappy support? Nothing important or anything... lol

I keep getting canned responses basically stating that I'm retarded and don't understand how to use their products... When I'm not using their products...

I also posted on my Twitter account (@Gremelin) to @TrendMicro:
@TrendMicro Are your helpdesk support responses just canned responses? Need help on a, what seems to be, simple issue. (removed ticket id)

Oh, and get this, the ad for this thread? TrendMicro... So next message I'm stating that I'm going to be banning their Google Image/DoubleClick.net Ad's from my security-related site until this issue is rectified.

Heres the ad:
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