Laff.. Bush the Rapist.. I don't like Bush, but he's not that stupid!
The issue I'd like to talk about is the American flags and such that fleshy and perg talked about. You don't have to support Bush or the war to support America. I think America is slowly (getting faster during the shrub's term) going to hell, but it's still better than many other countries. At least we have the right to make fun of our dumbass president. Bush is the type of person who believes something, and refuses to listen to anything else (He won't even read the newspaper). Some people think that this is good, but I think it's extremely stupid. Do we really want a president who doesn't know what's going on in his own country? He also tried to convince the American people that there is a connection between Saddam and 9-11. STUPID PEOPLE! BIN LADEN WAS BEHIND 9-11!! Anyway, that's my spiel.
Those who say do not know.
Those who know do not say.