wazzup yall,

Hey guys, I am not sure if this is the proper place for this type of posting, but this is the only area I could have think about.
Let me give you a brief history of my issue.
I am located in Central America, on a dialup connection thru my country’s only ISP “at lease for now”. What I wanna do is to purchase a satellite dish from Starband, but it is illegal for me to do this in my country because the ISP has exclusive rights.
I will still go ahead with the purchasing of this service for I could possible conceal the dish.
My question is… is it possible for an ISP to somehow scramble or block the satellite signal? If so at what expense, infrastructure wise, taking to consideration that there are about 200 of these satellites in the country.
If not, is it possible for Starban to block the signal from a country?
::: security is a state of mine :::