Clinton would take money from people so they could use the White House. He LOST the nuclear codes. This man was irresponsible and NOT a good president.
Gollum, I couldn't agree more with you! Clinton just about ran this country into the ground. Now there are uninformed people singing his praises. WTF is that? Clinton was by no means a "good" president. Anyone that even tries to compare Clinton and Bush are just ignorant. You can't compare two completely different things.

Seems like too many people on this board hate Bush but don't even bother to read to BOTH sides to each issue. All people want to do is talk shit. I for one don't even like Bush as a president, I like him as a person though. I think he has gone about things the wrong way and needs to spend more time on domestic policies. But do I go around making uninformed and utterly stupid posts about him? No. Sometimes the sheer ignorance of people just makes me sad...
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"