lets remember that it wasnt very long at all after Bush took office that 9/11 happened. Ahem,, these things take a long time to prepare. You dont just send a few guys on a plane and say "do this".

So who was running the country while this was happening. Good old cigar loving clinton. While plans were happening to hurt america where was the leadership then? It was getting blowjobs and staining dresses.

Also, people give clinton all the credit for our economy durring his time as president. Ahem,, actually it started with Regan.

I give clinton this: He is the only man I know ofthat can argue for 3 hours in a court of law on the meaning of the word "is".

Bush is the man and the reason the democrats simply have no chance is that nobody but the bush administration has a clue on how to handle national security our most important issue we face.
Your mind is fine. Reality is what needs adjusting.