I was wondering if anyone here in the music/computer programming field was familiar or used FL Synthmaker, any other audio app (SuperCollider, CSound) or had developed any audio programs in another language?

For those unfamiliar, FL Synthmaker is a plug in that can be used in Image-Line FL Studio (a DAW) or as a stand alone application, that allows a user to create their own synths/effect ie audio plug-ins. The basic version only allows for a format exclusive to FL Studio, while the nicer one allows VSTi's.

At its simplest level, a user drag and drops modules, pre-coded bits like amplifiers, delay units, or envelope generators. However, the modules can be opened to their most basic "primitives", which allows for more control and use of the tools at hand. There is even assembly and code windows where the user can write in their own scripts (is that the right word?). I'm not positive what language it is. I could post a sample in anyone is curious.

I'm interested in coding audio plug ins or manipulating audio files via my own programs... Wondering if anyone is in the same mindset. Thank you.
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