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Women Presidents, well that one the UK had was pretty famous. Then again the one in India got assasinated. But I dont think she was ever really in control. More like a puppet.

I wouldnt mind having a female PM here.
You know, I dont think we are ever going to be happy with who ever is actaully in the presidentry at the time. Only afterwards when someone we hate even more comes along will we say, oh that Mrs Rice was Nice.
arctic, dude:
i had no idea what ur post meant.

To the best of my knowledge, most of the UK (if not all) is governed under the Commonwealth Law.
Thus, just like us here in Australia, a countrys Head of State is the Queen, where she in turn delegates the duty of Royal Representive to a member of parliment. We call this person the Prime Minister.

I took the liberty to google 'United Kingdom Presidents' and came up with zilch.

So i have no idea what 'female UK president' of urs was 'pretty famous'.

Also, india, having been governed by british rule for nearly a century, still falls under the Commonwealth (despite their independence).
So it is impossible for India to 'have a president'.
'The mystery female indian president' u speak of, is Indira Gandhi .
And u call her a puppet?!?

She was brutally assassinated by her own bodyguards, men bought off to beat a woman because they new that she led a revolution.
Think of a country like india, third-world and famine riddled, and amidst all the corruption, a WOMAN was the one to stand up and fight for equality.

Australia is a shithouse government-wise.
Our Prime Minister, John loves-the-cock Howard is the real puppet.
Bush uses him as his boy toy and he cant even grow the gonads to stand up to the CEO of Telstra. After record high profits exceeding $4billion, jonny boy still intends to give telstra TAXPAYERS money to start a project in the bush.

I know this may sound like a rant, and upon careful reading some might argue it IS a rant.
But mate, theres one thing we should all have realised by now:
On UGN Security, give credit where the credit is due.
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