As Gizmo stated we don't condone malicious behavior nor will we help you write malicious code; that being said, if you are curious how some of these programs work post in the appropriate programming forum. Debuggers such as OllyDbg can dissassemble executables into machine code and then perform basic analysis and tell you exactly what a program is doing. It isn't easy to dive into but google is your friend. Search for "CrackMes" and you'll find plenty of write-ups on "reverse engineering." This is essentially what antivirus programs do.

I recommend making the switch to linux. Either install a program such as "VMWare" or a free alternative such as VirtualBox if you are uncomfortable making changes to your boot sector for a dual boot. Go with gentoo. It will be the hardest os you've ever installed, but their online manual is easy to follow -- think of it as a learning experience.