I'll clear up my last post for endgame and others.

What I was referring to when I said President instead of Prime minister was just that role as being the winner of an election that the people voted for. We don’t vote for the head of state. That is for the commonwealth, hereditary and so we do not vote for the women that may take up the throne.
The thread is about a female president being elected and I extended that to countries that don’t have Presidents but are still capable of electing a female leader.
Note: I know that England has had no President.

About Ghandi, well being an Indian and having gone to the country 3 times already, I can tell you that if the country still disputes whether or not she had control then for me it doesn’t matter what the west has accepted.
She was assassinated by the Sikhs in her guard because she blew up the Golden Temple (the Vatican of the Sikh faith) which she blamed on her military acting without full authority.
Mahatma Gandhi was a man and came before Indira to fight for equity between not only the people of Britain and Hindustan but also within the Country itself. Most Indians believe he got India its Independence and Indira hardly continued a revolution as effectively. I’m not saying that was because she was a woman, I’m just hoping to clear up any misconceptions that she was as great as you think she was in her “rising” out before others to fight inequity, and the real reason she was assassinated.
I hope you don’t always take what you find on google to be the bible of knowledge.

Disclaimer: I know this sounds like a flame/rant but its not meant to be.

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