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It was her fault, what is the point of having a Prime minister if they carnt even control her own fucking military. She should have just declared another state of emergency. At least this time it would have been legit and not just a ploy to stay in power. Thats why she was assassinated (im not saying that I support it) and I know this. Even if it was a mum, Im sure some of your lecturers are dads or mums too fucktart.
Im just saying if she wasnt in control then someone else was, therefore making her to an extent a puppet or figure head. Its funny how you continue to ignore that part of this tangent debate.
Where the fuck did you get your "minor in political confilicts", a cereal box?
Its your loss if you have found no source of enlightment from your mother, perhaps thats why your an egomaniac. Or perhaps that is you enlightenment.
now, now artic...
lets not get as low as to start name calling.
the difference between those lecturers and ur mother, however is the fact that theyre actually qualified in their field of study.
u going to start telling me ur mothers a historian now?
and yes, SHE wasnt in control of the army.
(thats why it was a called a revolution, ie: The overthrow of one government and its replacement with another.)

i also dnt think u understand the word puppet.
a puppet is actually CONTROLLED by someone else.
she refused to be controlled (hence the assasination) thus she wasnt a puppet.

also id appreciate it if u dimmed down the foul filth that somehow manages to escape the chasm u call a brain.
u continuously harp about puppets when there were no puppets! if she was a puppet there wouldnt be a need to kill her!

:shakes head:
egomaniac am i?
hmm, that explains why I am the one reduced to swearing when people discover my point of view is tripe huh?
(that was a rhetorical, sarcastic question u dumbass)


p.s: watch sesame street and learn what a puppet is dipshit.
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