Icemyst, everything you have...with the exception of the few pics mr.pathetic took were after/during Sintax. You have him to thank for 95% of what you've seen.

Gizzy...he could have vids if he wanted them. I'd make new ones with better angles if he asked.

...the new pics I showed icemyst (that you haven't seen yet, har har) were for him. The sound of his voice commanding me to cum, actually makes me cum. I doubt it would work for you. It hasn't worked with someone else...

Let's face it. Girlie's body just wuvs sintax. /me bats eyelashes

Sorry giz, I <3 you but russ is my sexual match. Trust me on this one.

/me gives sintax a sexy look and heads to the bedroom
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!