I am pretty sure that my power supply unit short circuited. It was 500W of green awesomeness.

But alas, something went wrong and now my computer won't turn on. The light on the mobo flashes like normal but no beeps, not even the fans spin. Has to be the power supply unit right?

I am hoping all I need to do is replace it. If the CPU was gone then its more $ but I am pretty certain that it would mean that the fans would spin?

Trying to avoid taking it to the local computer repair shop who will no doubt charge me 80$ and take 2 weeks.

Still, when did using a vacuum to take out the dust/random fluff balls from the FANS and yes, the cpu actually f**k it up. I thought 99% of the time those warnings to not use something that could send a spark was just well fluff.
besides, the nozzle was plastic.

Power supply unit or CPU?

my baby is in a coma frown