I'm creating this topic to keep track of some of the updates being made to the site during our Spring Clean.

2010.02.26 - Recommended Reading: The system was finally completed and data populated.

2010.02.27 - Links: Maintenance of this section has always been a pain due to how we track outgoing links; the system is now fully worked into our admin panel to aid in maintenance. The system itself works as it has since the last update to the system.

2010.02.28 - File Sharing: The File Sharing system has been completely reworked, both on the backend and frontend. We can now manage things in the admin panel so db diving isn't a thing we'll have to do with this system. The front end ended up with an early morning reworking as it got hosed :P.

2010.03.09 - Caching, RSS, and Staff!: We made some critical updates to the Caching mechanism that we wrote last year, it seems that the RSS feeds we compile for sitemaps in the backend where croaking... This update allowed some cleanup time for the coding. The Staff System was also rewritten completely.

We have several backends which where never completed when the front end was worked on it's my hope to have these out of the way in March 2010 where time permits.

I am at this time not planning to add any new systems, I believe these should be held off until the Summer 2010 season and I'm currently focusing on finalizing current systems in place.

We will be working on a revamped application/jobs system, in the time being if you'd like to help, any user can populate the new systems (on the main page see the "Submit" section); this will allow users to in essence make the site theirs!

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