when im high and smoking alot i lose interest in whats really important, pety theft and vandalism of my school and all businesses surounding my house within a 5 mile radius. today i rode around on my bike wearing all black with a backpack containing a few suplies. i stole a no parking sign, an ass load of caution tape and some danger toape too, 2 full grass paint cans for marking the field for baseball games and shit(will use later), and some other pointless shit. i had to make 2 trips cause i couldnt fit it all in one. i also tryed trashing a phone company so i could become a real phreaker just for kicks but they had a huge ass compressor hooked up to the dumpster so i just played with the buttons and the apparent 460 volts of electricity. fun stuff. i knocked down 2 of those damn signs that remind people to clean up their dogs shit cause that just stupid. since ive been sober ive also made some napalm(yes i know, about as simple as it gets) and found a way to get on the roof of safeway, sure that will be fun on hallowween, its raining pumkins! so yes this is why drugs are bad and pointless random shit is good