Last night I stole a $100 drill set from someone's van, along with a gas mask and a claculator and a fire extinguisher which I set off in the front seat of the van, and inside a parked car's muffler. It was about that time I saw headlights comming so I booked my shit and left the fire extinguisher behind. I kicked off another car's dual-exhaust muffler and I switched someone's licence plate with a much shittier car's plates. I stole a bucket of white paint and dumped it on a parked car in the same parking lot as all of the above was happening in. I ripped 3 auto-emblems off a big-ass ford pick-up with a flat-head screwdriver (the same screw driver I used to switch the plates with) and busted the shit out of the outside of a school bus from a private school down the street from my fren'z house.

I've been sober for two whole weeks.
=~ s/boredom/ studies/g