drugs are good. it is usually the excess or ABUSE that is bad. look back at all the problems you can ever think of with a drug, now is it a flaw of the drug or a flaw the the user. Sorry but it is clearly the problem of the user. I also see doing drugs as purely a choice that affects an individual. If you want to claim their are drunks that beat their kids or crack addicts that steal for crack. Nah, they already had that in them. It is a psychological thing. Crack doesn't make an honest person a theif. And alcohol may remove a person's inhibitions, but that is simply revealing more of that person than is normally revealed. So they had a tendency towards abuse to begin with.

Here is a good ole William White quote about the question of if drugs are dangerous?

That's up to you. Most people in our culture seem to shun the idea of taking real risks, whether it be through drugs or high-risk sports such as mountain climbing and hang gliding. On the other hand, when someone goes and climbs a mountain without adequate equipment and training, and then falls to her death, nobody goes and blames the mountain.

There are many people who believe that the risks of drugs are worth the rewards. If you are a legal adult and are willing to take responsibility for your actions, in my opinion you should be permitted to experiment with psychedelics to your heart's content.