hell yeah you're right fleshy

Of course it doesn't mean that you're dirty/slut or whatever only coz you had sex before with someguy you loved, but most of all as you said, it's alwyas a personal choices. Drugs ARE a bad thing as far as i'm concernd but SEX.. no way no fucking way!!! sex is maybe the best thing that exists in this stpuid world, the only real pleasure.. but of course again, there are different types of sex and that's why there is lots of confusion between people, some think that sex is bad some think it's great !! But people mostly talk based on what they survived or what they've been told. For me even if one girl had sex with 10 guys i wouldn't call her a bitch, hell no.. coz that was her fucking personal choice not mine, i'd call someone a BITCH only by her attitude but not coz she had sex... i don't give a damn about that.

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