Ta daaa... More stoner stories to show you people why you shouldn't do drugs. Once again a couple of weeks after the Burning down of the woods incident. We went camping again (Same Spot) Only this time I smoked more pot drunk about of fifth of Vodka I don't remember,and I secretly took 2 morphine pills (hell nO I wasn't sharing em) So we oh course got the munches, and decided to talk to the store. We got there, and everything haden't quite hit me yet. So my and my friend were sitting a bank waiting for my friends to come out of the store when 2 drunk ass people came out and wanted to start something for no reason. They took a swing at my friend. So thinking I was superman (I couldn't feel anything) I went to come down the hill and kick some ass. Thats when i relized I couldn't walk anymore...So I just rolled down the hill and proceeded to get kicked in the head and the side until the rest of my friends came out. There is the biggest reason drugs are bad my friend
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
-Albert Einstein

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