yeah Moff i agree with you about the image thing drugs give. I mean 3 years ago here in my city before the war no one probably used used drugs.. i don't know.. they just didn't use em, even if someone did.. you could count them in fingers. Now after the war the drugs are being used tooo much and they're damn too cheap as i hear ppl saying. See one day while i was playing basketball with my friends, some guys came to play.. so while were playing one guy got pretty tired very fast after we just started the damn game and he was breathin too deep like he wasn't gettin enough air. So at one time while i was playing one on one with him, he crunched to steal me the ball and i made a rolling and passed him by but when i saw the guy on the ground i left the ball and turned back to see what happend. The guy was kissin the fuckin ground with his head.. he was breathing like he had run 15 miles, and his eyes were dunno how to explain.. like he was beaten or something but he wasn't, then his friend told him yelling at him "you see now ? you see how good marijuana is ? you see how good they make you feel eh ? you damn idiot" and then we all helped him stand up and brought some water. Damnit i can still remember his face, his eyes, his desperate look and all that shit.. hell, drugs are really really bad, i'll never use... but i know that i will try them one day just to see how it is. huh.

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