I had this friend that went and smoked tons of reefer.

He then went out and was just so totally crazy and not himself. It had to be the marijuana. Its like the work of the devil. The devil works through marijuana. He shot like 20 people.

I was so pissed. I was like, why the fuck don't they throw the drug dealer in jail.

Fuck, they should sue the people that made the gun too. God knows my friend has never hurt anyone before and it has to be the drugs. He was stoned and drunk. He should be totally free to do whatever he may do and blame it on the substance. He has no choice in the matter, he HAD TO KIL THOSE PEOPLE AND ACT CRAZY. Damn he had to do that much of the drugs too. Poor kid.

My friend didn't kill anyone. It was the marijuana I tell ya. It just isn't fair.

I mean if you even take one puff of marijuana, you loss all atheletic ability, all your intelligence, and all your self-respect. There are no other factors involved ever. It is always the drugs.

We should definitely throw more money into the bottomless pit that we have to pay for the war on drugs.