*cue eminem* --"The Kids"
Bob's 30 and still lives with his Mom
and he don't got a job Cause Bob sits at home and smokes pot
But his 12 year old brother looks up to him awful lot.
And Bob likes to hang out at the local waffle spot
and wait in the parking lot for waitresses off the clock
When it's late and the lot gets dark and fake like he walks his dog
He drag 'em in the woods and goes straight to the choppin block.
And even if they escape and got the cops
The ladies would be so afraid, they would drop the charge
Till one night Mrs. Stacey went off the job
When she felt someone grab her whole face and said not to talk
But Stacey knew it was Bob and said knock it off
But Bob wouldn't knock it off cause he's crazy and off his rocker.
Crazier than Slim Shady is off the vodka
You couldn't even take him to Dre's to get Bob a doctor
He grabbed Stace by the leg, he chopped it off her
And dropped her off in the lake for the cops to find her
But ever since the day Stacey went off the wander
They never found her, and Bob still hangs at the waffle diner
And that's the story of Bob and his marijuana,
And what it might do to you
So see if the squirrels want it, cause it's bad for you

See children, drugs are bad
And ff you don't believe me, ask your Dad
And If you don't believe him, ask your Mom
She'll tell you how she does 'em all the time
So kids say no to drugs
So you don't act like everyone else does
And there's really nothing else to say
Drugs are just bad mmmkay?
=~ s/boredom/ studies/g