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Because School is government run, the government never teaches about it's mistakes...
That's not completely true. I'm taking a shit-load of U.S. History courses this year (because I'm hurtin' on social study credits) and one of them is titled "Us And Them" It teaches about intolerism throughout American History. From the Pruitans and witches, U.S. government vs. Native Americans, Prejudices (historically) against Irish, Chinese, Catholic, Japanese, Italian, and now Middle Eastern folks. Not to mention all the other courses I'm taking, which talk a lot about U.S. history (obviously) but in my class we have a lot of debates on decisions made by presidents, laws passed, etc.. Granted, I'm in an accelerated credit program that most kids aren't in. It's still cool to be learning about shit like that. Shit that doesn't get tought and debated like that as in other classes. So I guess it just depends on your teacher(s) or programs you decide to take throughout high school. This has gotten totally off-topic, sorry. Refer back to SolidSnake's posted article about immigrants and drug use.
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