As it looks now, according to the reports these things are true
1] Linux growth vs Microsoft growth in the server market is greater
2] People are leaving Unix/MS development, to develop for Linux. .NET is not being embraced as MS has wished. Many people are excited about Project Mono and are using alternative technologies to .NEt

So Microsoft isn't doing very well in getting developers or the server market. Will have to wait to see how Server 2003 performs, I assume MS will take a large leap in growth with it. So this topic is about how would Linux convince the average desktop user to switch from MS. Desktop users will not be generally concerned about security, stability, reliability, or opensource.

So what does Linux need to change/improve to convince the average user to use linux rather than MS? Is it even possible? What mistakes have they done so far?

/me sips on some coffee and whispers, "Talk amongst yourselves"