i'm making this reply b4 i've even read those, but, heh...i still stand by my theory that if someone isn't smart enough to figure out how to vote, they probably shouldn't be the one's that decide on the presidency. =P i'll read through these then pass them on to a friend of mine. he's a big fan of bush (bigger than me even!) lol. he's extremely smart, and so rather than reading 7 articles which may or may not be biased towards a certain side, i like to hear both sides. i found this to be the best way to view things. i've found that while neither side (democrat/republican, bush/anti-bush, war/anti-war) is perfect, i've found that bush comes ahead. and while it wouldn't be right if say the elections were rigged or whatever you feel like saying, i stil think we're better off having bush over gore. so yeah, lemme read these, then pass them onto my friend. while im pro-bush, i still appreciate any form of input and information, even if it is anti-bush. but i suppose that's the nature of everyone at this board. to get information.//
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