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Disgruntled: i understand questioning the situation. i think everyone has asked similar questions. the thing is, it's done with. he is our president. does talking about the circumstances of his winning change a thing? no. he will remain president until there is new one elected. i personally believe he did win and that Gore was just being a huge bitch about it. If Gore has anyone to blame, it would be Nadar for taking away from his voting pool.
Hmmm. This sounds like what the president is saying about the WOMD. He talks about them as if their irrelevant, because we liberated the Iraqi people. Well its not ok to lie,cheat, and steal, or to get American soldiers killed fighting for a bunch of Bullshit lies. Also, he lied and cheated his way into the presidency, how bad do you think his conscious
would bother him, if he were to place fake WOMD out there for the soldiers to find; just so he could tell Americans "I told you so!" Not to mention the sudden increase of votes he would get in the next election. Thats just my opinion, I could wrong, but I don't think so. You are also allowed your opinion,that's what makes this country great.
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