revolutions was so fucking corny, that whole, neo going blind thing, then the love shit, what happened to all the guns an fighting?!?! there was what...ONE fight? an it was retarded, stop with the flying shit, i go enough of that when i used to watch super man movies back when i was 7, to me, revolutions shited on all my love of the matrix. but the matrix online sounds like its gonna be bad ass, that might just be me speaking tho*Shrugs*

an one last thing, the trainman sucked, why a homeless guy? is there some kind of irony in the fact that a homeless guy owns the only other dimension between the matrix and reality? well, if it isnt reality then it HAS to still be the matrix, sence its programmed THRU The matrix, *Shakes head in disapointment at the whisksowzi brothers, or what ever teh fuck teher name is...*