I'd just like to say that the Bible references were, to me, a little played out towards the end of Revolutions. I also think that the third movie was comprised of about 90% computer generated fighting not involving Keanu Reeves whatsoever, just Zion. Reeves' part in the third movie was minute at best, and his main goal was to fight Smith for virtually no real purpose (there was a purpose for confronting him but the battle wasn't actually necessary) at which point he wasn't even really acting, it was all computer-animated. I think there probably will be a game, because there always is even if a movie bombs in the theaters (which this won't just because it's the third in a trilogy and people will want to see how it ends).

Take for example the movie "Reign of Fire". It got horrible reviews, was in theaters by me for maybe...MAYBE a month. I'm not even sure it got a star (by NYC critics). I went to see it anyway with friends and we all thought they were right not to give it a good review (not to offend anyone who liked it, just wasn't for us...and a large amount of other movie-goers). Nevertheless a few weeks later I find out Xbox is making a game for it. Just one example of how for every movie that's made, good or bad, there can be at least one game (also good or bad) made for the movie.