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The only reason you discuss anarchy is because you have the idea in your brain that you're special, and that you have it rough because you have to get up and go to school. There are no deep philosophical underpinnings to anarchy.
Actually, there IS philosophy on anarchy. I've read lots of it. Not suprisingly, a lot of it is about how anarchy DOESN'T work as a successful, functioning government, but is only successful in poetry. But you wouldn't know about such literature because you think that ...
anarchy is is a bunch of ignorant suburban kids who think they can make a difference.
This is where your wrong. Anarchy has been around a lot longer than bored, pissed off suburban kids. Just because said people happened to be interested in it, doesn't mean it makes up all anarchist worldwide. Open your mind. If this shit bothers you so much why don't you stay out of the discussion. Let the "ignorant" people carry on their thoughts of the subject without your crued pointless criticism. Not to be disrespectful, but this IS the fucking anarchy section of the board. What else should we talk about?
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