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Anarchy is a form of governemnt :-P
I thought it was the absence of government.

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The only problem is that people mistake anarchy for pointless criminal activity.
That is exactly what anarchy is. If you want to destroy shit and wreak mindless havok upon everything, your probably an anarchist, or a psychopath. They have a place for these people that want to oppose the rules, its called prison.

The dictionary calls it a Utopian Society with out rules, Fuck that. It also calls it disorder, that's more like it. All these people who think anarchy is some great society with no leaders where everyone is lives in harmony and everything is great has mistaken it for communism where everyone is equal and shares and blah blah blah. All the shit that will never happen because people are, greedy, jealous, envious, selfish, generally fucked in the head... I'm sure you get the picture. I really dont give a fuck about what someone wrote in a book a few hundred years ago when everyone was wrong about the world being flat.

I don't know about you, but my utoipia has order. Anarchy would deffinately NOT be utopian it would be more like hell; disorder, chaos, wide-spread panic. It would be a society with no repercutions for your actions. Now we live in a society of fear. We all live in fear. why didnt you kill that kid that made fun of you? Take that thing you wanted from the store? Fear of the rules. Fear of the repercutions.

Anyone who leads a lawless life is an anarchist. Everytime you step out of line you practice anarchy. Does this lifestyle lead to anywhere? Prison or early death. Does unreal doing whatever he wants fit under anarchy? Damn straight. Do bombs and people nearly blowing themselves up fit under anarchy? yeah. Is it gonna be funny laughing at the gimps missing fingers cause they blew them off? Hell yeah!