fleshwood it's the fact that when i got into high school i understood it quite well and at the time i did NOT believe there was a God or any other higher form yet i was still forced to say a line i didn't agree with. got to the point were i refused to stand for the pledge or say it. is it really fair to have a child, and when i say child i mean any one under the age of 18, say something they don't believe in. i have friends who are extremly celtic and dont believe in the God that is said on our money and in the pledge. so why should they have to say pledge their alegence under a God that they do not beleive in and for note i do now beleive in God but i have a problem when people force their religion on me.

and i agree with Disgruntled with the brainwashing. I grew up in an exremly Catholic family. they spent 15 years trying to brainwash me into thinking that if i didn't go to church every sunday that i would burn in hell for eturnity or even better i was be disowned. my fathers family does not talk to me anymore because i'm not the good catholic girl they tried to force me to be.

and another note:
this women who was at the time a lesbian had a baby. the womens girlfriend had not parternal or legal rights to the child but after the two broke up she took the mom to court to sue for joint custidy and was granted it. during the court procedings the mother became a born-again-christian, and as most people know being homosexual is not allowed in the church. well the ex-girlfriend brought that up in court and now the mother is not allowed to in anyway "preach" or speak of God to her little girl. if this mother can't speak of God in her own house then why is it that we still speak of God in schools and in the government. once religion was a privite matter left out of work and school (except most privit schools) but now it's vise versa. it's a tabo to talk of God at home and it's perfictly ok to talk of Him in school and the government proceding regardless if it offends another person of a different faith.

pretty soon all laws and how our government is run will be dictated by the bible. do you really want to see that happen because as much as i do believe in God i do not want him apart of the government or our schools and i speak from the stand point of a non-believer and a believer.
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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