As far as "Under God "even being in there, legal analyst on a news show I was watching "can't remember which one" said that the president that did this broke the law in doing so. He just took it upon himself to put his personal beliefs into the pledge. Knowing that what he did was wrong, you would think that people would be rushing to undo this illegal act. The reason that it's not going happen, is because keeping it in serves the so called religious right and their hand puppets the republicans agenda. Thats how it starts with something small, a couple words in the pledge, next the ten commandments in the courthouses ect. Then one day you wake up and every dicision you make will be scrutinized by the religious thought police. That's just a sample of what I see happening, and what can happen if people don't wake up and think for themselves.
No matter how complex a lock may be. Someone will always find a key.