Interesting....very interesting.


Football player (strong, manual labor, follows orders)
Shop teacher (practical, can build stuff, patient leader)
Musician (creative, people need music)
Scientist (would be necessary for a new world)
Manager @ McDonald's (leader, manangerial skills but without authority complex)


Artist (creative, people need art)
Housewife (6 months pregnant) (2 lives in 1, motherly role)
Air Force Pilot (navigation and transportation, follows orders)
Architect (knows how to build stuff)
High School Cheerleader (young, fertile, can survive without assistance unlike a child)

My first thought was of survival as opposed to rebuilding a new world. You should think about the group dynamic. Can't have too many leaders or too many followers. Chose those who wouldn't conflict (a preacher and a scientist might not be good, which is more practical?).

Good topic.

(PS, why no doctor?)