So, the whole Laci Peterson ordeal is almost over--soon we'll know if the jury finds him guilty or not, so being me I wondered what you guys thought. Feel free to post your theories on what happened, if he will be found guilty, etc.

Me? I think he did it. I also think there is not enough evidence to convict him so he'll probably walk. I mean a piece of hair in a pair of plyers just doesn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt, at least to me.

I think he killed her on "accident". I'm thinking they got in a fight about the whole Amber Frey thing, he gets mad...strangles her, and then spends the next several hours covering it up. One of the things that doesn't make sense to me is why he would dump the body where he was planning on having his fishing alibi, but then again I'm not a sicko so maybe these things don't make sense to me for good reason.

So anyway...what do you think?
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!