Damn you Unreal!! Don't you ever Watch TV!? That was totally humerous...ok not really but anyway.

Now to the real news that I was going to post there before unreal closed the TOPIC!!

There is something that has been bothering me for a while now, and working in tech support always makes it seem that much worse. There is way too many stupid people alive on earth!! People who Can not speak (Not write or type) but speak, correct and complete sentances, no people who can't even speak REAL WORDS need to rid from this earth. I know my spelling and sentance structure is not the greatest but this is MOSTLY (not completly) contributed to me always being in a rush.

Back to topic at hand, stupid people. Without stupid people there probably wouldn't be people on the side of the road begging for money or food. There would not be war there would be no bigotry and virtully no hate. My suggestion is this. Natural Selection, I think we should do away with rehab programs, hospitols (for adults only, children are a differnt story which I will get to in a moment) and various other plans, programs and places that 'help' people down on their luck. This would SLOWLY but surly rid the world of most of the stupid and incompatant people.

"But what about people who die of the flu or other sicknesses" Natural selection is about survival of the fittest. It is great that we can save people from these once life threatening dieseases, but not everyone should be saved. Now you say "BIGOTRY HOW ABOUT YOU DECIDING WHO LIVES OR DIES!?" I never said I would say or anyone for that matter would say who lives or dies. Let Nature decide. If you are not strong enough genetically physically and mentally to live in this world then you shouldn't live in it, simple as that. Yes I know that this mean I, or many I love may die, but I am willing to accept that.

Now on to children. I do NOT think we should close off hospitols and aid to children. The reason for this is most children are in the situation that they are in because of their parents. Most stupid kids have stupid parents. Thats who they learn from its natural, BUT genetics are only 50% of who you become. So you can teach a kid with stupid parents to be a smart and good functioning person with the right enviroment. Sickness and kids is another thing. Kids cannot take care of themselves, its just a part of life. Most times kids get sick because they are not taken care of, or are not made to be clean and healthy (once again parents fault) So kids should recieve inital shots/medical attention as needed, BUT to a certian extent, kids are not excluded from this. Once kids hit sexual maturity they are excluded from this. If you can made others like you, you need to be able to take care of yourself. Therefore if they are indeed stupid or people who are not going to contribute to sociaty in a positive way. They will die and have no kids to pass this on.

I know some of you probably don't like this idea, think I am stupid, and heartless, but think about this You cannot honestly tell me that if half the people in the world were dead it would not be a better place for the people who are left alive.

That is it for my rant hope you read it all.
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