The Soviet Union is a prime example of dicatorial communism. The idea behind communism was a "society without money, without a state, without property and without social classes" or something like that so it would eliminate supposedly greed. Cuba and China's the only ones left to be Communists. Look where it's got them.

I wouldn't say Communism sucks, the 3 countries i mentioned above became corrupt which is may they failed(failing). The basic ideals such as how economic(trading -> import/exports) would be determined, a fair and balenced(democratic type) governing party with checks and balences, and so on would need to be refined and dealt with.

I read 1984 a few years ago. I would say that's a worst case senario. I was almost thinking that those other other countries did not exist, probably the underground either. Just another type of control so the government knows who to watch out for. I mean, for a country to be at war, gives them logical right to keep strict power over it's people(martial law) so to say. Instead of them not being at war, in which the people might actually start thinking why their life sucks and their govt isn't doing anything.

Just my 2 cents.