Well ... I wouldn't go as far as saying he has "won" anything besides his revolution, and repelling the "Bay of Pigs" invasion.
Just the fact that he has clung to power this long is amazing! I mean the guy was beefing with JFK way back when!!
Cuba is extemely impoverished, artists, musicians and intellectuals defect at every possible opportunity in order to be able to say and express what they want.
I think the economy's primary focus agriculture and foreign tourism.
The U.S. is partially at fault for keeping it under embargo for this long, I mean if we opened up travel restrictions and began some trade reletionships, Cuba might make a little more bread.
They do have FREE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION as well as FREE HEALTHCARE and GUARANTEED HOUSING FOR ALL CITIZENS. Back to Fidel ... he's got guts. He gets my bad ass vote.