i dunno how many people get annoying sales calls and solicitors from hell or just plain people you dont wanna talk to but i get alot. i got caller ID anon call rejection call blocker all of that crap via the local phone co. its expensive and most of it is real limited to use. caller ID rocks most of the time but the others well.... and it pisses me off to no end to pay to have an unlisted number and still egt the amount of bad calls that we do. i get 35+ calls a week literally and of those maybe 3 people are ones i want to talk to.

so i always wondered if you can set a modem up to answer calls for you and filter them as needed. make it so the thing doesnt even ring unless its from someone on your "accept list". i have seen some software here and there but never really heard of anyone talking about it. i have seen those X rated phone messages and all that crap too kinda funny. would be nice to find something where i can get rid of all these "extra services" and prolly save myself $20 a month on my phone bill.

i have picked up and got in peopels biz about taking my name off their lsit and all that and they dont call back but another goes in their place. i have picked up the phone and just slammed it back down to get it to quit ringing. i turn the ringer off becasue i dont want to hear it then i miss an important call. so you can see its a pet peeve of mine. i tryed to get a new number but thats not happenin.

(time out) for the biggest freakin thunder crash i have ever heard . sent all the local kids running :D.

eheh so hey if anyone uses something or knows of a way t possibly set something let me know. would be cool to make a .wav file and direct certain people to it :D. < evil grin >