Verizon has just announced it will freeze the pension plans of its 50,000 management employees. Not because it is going backrupt or that it needs to, it wants to because it's competitors Google, Comcast, AOL, all do not offer pennsions and therefore are leaner for competition. This sets the stage for 2008 when CWA(communication workers of america) and IBEW(International brotherhood of electrical workers) negotiate a new union contract.

This is striking as Verizon made billions in profit this year. As more companies eject thier pennsion plans and break promises to thier employees what will future retires do? Social Security as we all know is going to fail. With Bush's administrations plans yet to come maybe sooner than later.

Add to that rising healthcare cost, a new medicare plan to rules out most of america. Where will the relif comeform when we need it? Last year 9% of tech jobs went over seas. That dosen't count in the number filled in the stated by H1b visa's.

Ford motor company had anounced it would lay off 4,000 employees. That has since changed to 4,000 salery employess and 30,000 hourly. Closing 10 plants in the US none over seas.

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In the US(Fuck you canadians lol) we have a BIG problem brewing. Heating costs this winter are expected to rise on average 25.7% fules prices are expected to rise. Quite a few mommies and daddies will get pink slips, and medicare will not cover quite a few of them. Social security is at least for my generation expected to fail due to fat cat politicians "borrowing against it". Guess what, they do not plan to pay that money back.

Meanwhile medical companies will get top dollar from medicare plan just re-writen. The poorest and richest people will qualify, middle class... Well you have a plan or make too much yes $30,000 is too much.

My observation the last lets say 6 years is the rich and poor divied is really growing. Did you know we have now spent more money in Iraq than we did during all of Veitnam? That todays children will sholder this cost along with failed social security, failed health care, faile or broken pennsion plans.

What this country needs is a revolution. Not a violent one mind you. But one to re-enforce the middle class is the back bone of this nation and demand our respect. The rich many view us as poor ignorant people to deal with for what they need. They need to be reminded how much they need us.

Board of directors
Career poloticians
Senior management in top 1000 companies
Medical suppliers
Mass News

All need to be somehow reminded that without the middle class this country has nothing. There is no product, there is no buyer, there is no money from taxes. It is us who sholder the majority of the load in this country. All we want is to be able to live life without worrying how we will feed our kids, and get them medical attention. We also are sick of worrying about retirment.

What do you think would happen if after a layoff anouncement if half the fucking country showed up at thier door to protest and announce a boycot of that product? What would happen id a pension freeze meant your sales fell 80%.

We bitch and complain about fucked up companies but we do have power. Unions were formed because of unfair labor pratices. I think thier time has come and passed. But what if something new could be made? maybe a hybrid union/
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