/me reaches out through Flowbe1's monitor and smaks his ass so hard he reailises he has been given the answer to his problem.

Link for utility to un-zip g-zip or *.gz files in windows

Link for utility to un-tar or *.tar files in windows

*.tar is a way to group numerous files and make a "tar ball"

*.gz is a way to zip or compress files. What you have is a compressed tar ball.

First you need to un-tar the file, then un zip it.

Since the 2 files above are probably above your head

this will open your file...

Click the link, install the program, re-boot. now open your tar ball.

As the link above this is an easy install and will open your file.

If you do not get this, I will hunt you down and force you to lick my toe cheese. Think it's funny, my doctor puked at it's site. Reading this post was painful for me, so please please get this.
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