Okay, I have had a number of posts on a few topics, but I have decided than rather than tie up the boards with a bunch of topics, I would have one post on a number of topics.Please answer, it would really help

1. This is how I connect to a telnet host, i have read a number of diffrent guids, and they all seem to have a diffrent way of doing it, PLEASE CORRECT IF ANY OF IT IS WORNG(sorry about all of the capatols).
I go to the command prompt and type in telnet, than i type in o (ip address) (port number, none for port 23).

2.I have not been successful in getting into any servers, how do I get in.

3. Can someone PLEASE give me some ip addresses that work on port 23.

4. Can someone give me a newbie guide(for EXTREME newbies) other than the beginners guide to hacking and phreaking.

P.S. Please ignore spelling/grammer errors, it is about 3:00 am here, and i am a little disorented.

P.S. #2 I have windows XP if it helps answer any of the questions.