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I DISPISE AVG! It is a piece of shit... Just "acquire" yourself a copy of Symantic Antivirus.

I would concourr with Senior Defcon on the ZoneAlarm comment, however you will find that the freeware version blows chunks.

Spybot all the way bitch!

Have yet to use Windows Defender, darned validation .

Baseline, see Defender comment...

Mozilla had my baby, its name is FireFox (and its bastardized twin is the Mozilla Suite; but don't forget baby sister ThunderBird!)

I've yet to really have much problem wiht SP2, then again we all know my relaxed policies on upgrades.

GAIM is just straight sexy; however there are numerous plugins to AIM to remove ad's; I don't recommend Trillian, why? it's a piece of crap.
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