this question is for experienced admins/hackers only

ok, in windows, i found the LM hash file, right the weaker hash that can be copied and changed right so i can oh say log in as admin on the computer, right.
well they have the computer locked down, but it in a public area around maybe 50 other computers no cameras and few wandering admins. so i have the time and the seclusion to mess with it for several hours
w/ out question, or bother. ok, i cannot get into the bios, ahh now you see the problem. thus i cannot boot of off a disk, because it isnt set to, and obviously w/ o bios i cannot change that. so w/ o access to the bios how can i log in as amin?
or any other things i have over looked? any answers would be much appriciated. my e-mail is [email protected] well one of them. any suggestions or whatever
Max I. Mason