hey all, well first of all I wanna say nice site and lots of good advise on this board.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind helping me out with a windows problem. Every so often when I reboot my pc I get a registry error, then it reboots and fixes itself. Good you say? Well not really, it just uses a backup copy and I lose any recently installed software, ie. drivers and apps...

I suspected bad ram, but now it's in both my pcs. I update 3 virus scanners and ran them all, no virus, I ran a "registry cleaner" app, still happened. Seeing as it only happens during booting, I went to msconfig, and only left my anti virus and system in the startup, the problem went away for like a week. Now it's back, I've noticed that MSN messenger always seems to find itself into the startup tab in msconfig...so I narrowed it down to messenger. is there anyway to stop it from getting into my startup folder permanently? Or is this just another ms flaw?
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